Pennsylvania Spring Creeks Truths and Myths!

You may be asking yourself why is this page here?  Well for starters I'm tired of all the lies, nonsense and hype surrounding these streams.  I am also tired of all the people who claim to know something about these waters especially all of the so called experts from other states! I'm tired of the articles written on line and in print which have barely a kernel of truth in them. I matured as a fly fisherman in these waters with legendary people like Charlie Fox, Gene Utech, Tommy Thomas and others (see Reflections with Charlie Fox published in Limestone Legends by Stackpole books). I have fished these streams for over 38 years.  I use to fish the trico with Charlie Fox on Falling Springs.  I sat for hours with Fox and other limestone experts over the years discussing the trout, the ecology of the stream and fishing for these fish (for an article on Charlie Fox.

I have done more research as an aquatic scientist on these streams than anyone alive today and I have more hours on these streams with the exception of Eddie Shank and a few others.  In that time I think I learned a few things about these streams and about fishing them.  However, what I see in print and on line contradicts what I know to be true about these streams in terms of both biology and fishing.  This is the reason for this site and to allow those fly anglers who want instruction, information or guiding on these streams to get it without be ripped off. You can just take a look at a few of the photos I have taken over the years to see what I am talking about.  You can also stop at my super site: if you want even more of this type of information.

I hope you enjoy the site and I hope you get the information you need to make a good decision on who to fish with and where to fish in the Limestone Spring Creeks of Pennsylvania.

Just some facts to dispel the myths and lies which are constantly published by sites and by guides and instructors.

  1. The limestone spring creeks of Pennsylvania have taken a beating in the last 30 years.  This is due to many reasons including development and a lack of concern by the state of Pennsylvania including the DEP and the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.  They can bitch all they want but the proof is in the streams and biologically it is not good.
  2. The great hatches on most of these stream have all but disappeared.  Yes, I know you say you saw a hatch of whatever but compared to what it was like years ago these streams are a shadow of what they once were.
  3. Most of the streams are either hard fished or the fish for the most part are very hard to catch. 
  4. Every weakness you have as a fly fisherman is likely to show up at some time on these streams
  5. Finally, although these streams are not what they once were they can still produce great fishing if you work at it and know what to do.
  6. You should ask all the so called experts, guides and instructors who advertise their services the questions from above and if you get anything other than the truth...well it's your money....spend it chasing windmills or fish with someone who actually fishes it, studies it, and lives it!

Well I hope this doesn't deter you from wanting to fish these streams but a little truth in advertising is needed in this day and age. Please visit each individual page of streams for our capsule report. And whether you choose me or someone else I wish you the best.

Tight lines,


Eugene "Guido" Macri

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