Fly Fishing Secrets


Pennsylvania Spring Creeks


Eugene "Guido" Macri

Here are some of the things that I have never read about by the many who call themselves experts on these streams. These are points and techniques that most fly fishermen never figure out and they are some of the most important things needed to be successful on these streams.

  • Wear clothing that is not too bright. Too many people dress like clowns on these streams because the fish will spot you before you spot them. I saw a fly angler recently on Falling Spring with a white t-shirt. Needless to say he didn't catch anything!
  • You are hunting for trout on these streams! I will repeat what I just said you are hunting for fish in most instances. You can sometimes fish the water with a dry or beetle but in most instances you'll spook the fish.
  • You must first locate the fish or an area where you know the fish are. If you don't do this you may waste the whole day.
  • Do not cast as soon as you get there. Look around! Observe! Just observe. Let the place settle down.
  • Do not use knotted leaders. I'm not talking about the tippet to the leader or a few small knots. I talking about handmade knotted leaders that many anglers use. These will spook the fish. They will also cause drag and catch the plants in the stream.
  • Do not use braided leaders because many will pick up water and spray droplets before your fly even gets there
  • Make sure you have a fly reel with a good drag because you should play the fish off the reel with these light tippets.
  • Try fishing mostly upstream. These fish are just too spooky to be approached on the downstream.
  • Keep as much line off the water as possible. No matter what color your line is on these streams the fish can see it in the mirror and it will spook them.
  • Keep your casts short and make sure you are in control of the line at all time.
  • Keep your casting to a minimum. Find your fish; measure your cast and make it as accurate as possible.
  • Use at least a 8.6 foot fly rod. You will be able to keep more line off the water and control the drag better.
  • Use line weights of 2, 3, and 4.
  • Make sure your rod is powerful enough to land a big trout.
  • Make sure your hooks are sharp and your tippet knots good because every problem like this will cost you fish because the fish hit so quickly and are so close they test your knot strength because the weight of the fish is immediate.
  • Drag is imperceptible on these streams but it is always present whether fishing a nymph or a dry.
  • Always use the heaviest tippet you can get away with.


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