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My fishing buddies call me Guido and for the most part that's my trade name in the fly fishing world. I'm an aquatic and environmental scientist and for the most part a professional fly fisherman. I've been involved in all aspects of fly fishing including but notGene Macri Fly Angler limited to owning a fly shop, writing, guiding and instruction, and an environmental stewardship. I have fly fished and researched some of the best streams in the country East and West.

I grew up fly fishing in Western Pennsylvania and moved to the South-Central Pennsylvania as a very young man where I met Charlie Fox and the rest of Letort Regulars and spring creek fishermen. Many have passed away and I missed them very much. I have fought relentlessly to protect these streams and I'm sure I've upset a few people along the way but I could care less. My study on Big Spring with Dr. Black was instrumental in closing the hatchery that ruined one of the great spring creeks in the world. Now that stream like the god Phoenix rising from the ashes is probably the best spring creek of the streams in the Cumberland Valley.

I put up this site because I frequently get inquires from people wanting me to rate guides and other so called anglers that write about these stream either in print or on the net. They tell me someone promised them a Trico hatch etc. on a certain stream but when they got there barely an insect could be seen. Rather than naming people who may be in this business in whatever capacity I put this site up and I'll let everyone judge for themselves. Well that's enough about me. You can stop at some of my other sites if you need more info including:;;;  and

I hope you enjoy the site and it will be upgraded often. If you need instruction or guiding please feel free to contact me. If you just have questions that's okay too. I'll be glad to respond. I wish you best on these spring creeks and if you are so inclined to join an organization that is fighting for these streams, please



Late August to Late September

Limestoner Stream Reports: Pod Casts

Big Spring Creek

Falling Spring Run


Yellow Breeches Creek   


Letort Spring Run

Green Spring