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Get our free Limestoner Journal.  It's especially written for spring creek fly fisherman.  It's free and it's in a pdf file for easy reading.  The journal will contain information and stories on all of the following:

  • equipment selection for spring creeks
  • fly selection for different types of spring creeks and methods to fish them
  • proper leaders for these streams and what to avoid
  • tactics for spring creeks
  • insect hatches and how to match them
  • fly selection including the best sizes
  • fly tying: methods and flies especially for spring creeks
  • how to read the water on a spring creek
  • where the big trout hangout when they feed
  • proper clothing and attire for these streams
  • best time of year to fish these streams
  • Our Limestoner Journal will give you an advantage over other fly fisherman and give you a chance to be successful on the toughest streams in the country.

Free Limestoner Journal
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Late August to Late September

Limestoner Stream Reports: Pod Casts

Big Spring Creek

Falling Spring Run


Yellow Breeches Creek   


Letort Spring Run

Green Spring