Legendary Pennsylvania Spring Creek Fly Fisherman

I was lucky enough to fish with Charlie Fox, Gene Utech, Tommy Thomas and other legendary fly anglers during my time on this earth.  Below are a few photos of these legendary anglers.  For more photos stop at www.flyfisher.com.  The photos below were taken over the years on spring creeks and at various functions.  I hope you enjoy these photos and stories on spring creek fly fishing.

Vince Marinaro on the Letort Spring RunWell you had to be there to believe this one.  This photo circa the 60's shows Vince Marinaro "marrying the waters" on the Letort with that of the English spring creeks.  Vince had just come back from England and he brought some of the water back with him from some of the streams.  Vince held a ceremony and Irv Swope captured it for all humanity.  Legend has it that Ross Trimmer was actually upstream during this ceremony relieving himself in the Letort (unfortunately, after talking to Charlie Fox and Rossy...it appears not to be a legend).(Photo: Vince "marrying the waters" by Irv Swope ©2007 Limestoner.com/E.P. Macri/Irv Swope).



Charlie Fox on the Letort

This photo taken in the late 50's early 60's shows the legendary Charlie Fox working on the Letort.  Charlie made gravel spawning beds for the brown trout.  Charlie was told not to do this by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission but Charlie did it anyway.  The Fish Commission told Charlie it wouldn't work but of course Charlie knew what he was doing and the so called "riverkeeping" by Charlie proved to correct and the browns did use it for spawning. (Photo: Charlie Fox on the Letort with spawning gravel work; ©2007 Limestoner.com/E. Macri/Irv Swope).

Charlie Fox and Lefty Kreh on the Letort

The late Charlie Fox with Lefty Kreh on the Letort at Charlie's place.  Many a fly was tied and developed on this hallowed ground.  This is the bench at Charlie Fox's place on the Letort where the Letort Regulars held their picnics and other functions. Lefty Kreh in my estimation is the best all around fly fisherman in the world.  He has no peer in saltwater fly fishing. It was a great time years ago on the Letort and that time has passed but on any given day if you are lucky and have the skill level necessary you can pull some large trout from this Pennsylvania spring creek.(photo of Charlie Fox and Lefty Kreh on the Letort circa early 70's;©2007 Limestoner.com/E. Macri/Irv Swope).


Charlie Fox discusses the Letort with an English Riverkeeper

Charlie Fox discusses riverkeeping on the Letort with an English riverkeeper as members of the Cumberland Valley T.U. listen intently. The Letort Spring Run was at one time probably the equal to the best English spring creeks or chalkstreams. In its time the Letort produced some very large rising brown trout. (photo of Charlie Fox and an English Riverkeeper; ©2007 Limestoner.com/Dave Williams III)



Ed Shenk on the Letort

The legendary Ed Shenk or as Charlie called him, "Eddie" on the Letort.  Ed's innovation as a fly tyer and fly fisherman are amazing.  His Letort Hopper, Letort Cricket and Shenk's Sculpin have been imitated and copied but true fly fishing historians know where these flies were borne.  Ed is the master at taking large trout from the Letort.  Ed used short rods but his skill is beyond most anglers and I recommend longer rods for most anglers in the limestone region of Pennsylvania. (photo is Ed Shenk fishing the Letort; ©2007 Jack Hunter).


For more great photos of legendary fly angler stop at: www.flyfisher.com; www.flyfishingforbrooktrout.com; and www.riverandgamekeeper.org


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