Fly Hatches on Yellow Breeches Creek

As on most of the limestone streams fly hatches have diminished greatly over the last 30 years on the Breeches.  At one time the Breeches had a pretty good Hendrickson hatch (Ephemerella subvaria).  In the last couple of years this hatch has picked up somewhat on certain sections of the stream.  The stream also enjoys scattered hatches of the Spotted Sedge (Hydrospsyche sp.) at various times of the year. You also find a variety of Cahills (Stenonema sp. and Stenacron sp.) as well as the Blue Winged Olives (Baetis tricaudatus Dodds) which emerges throughout the year.

You find the Yellow Brown Stone (Acroneuria sp.) and the mayfly, the White Gloved Ephron leukon the White Fly on the Yellow BreechesHowdy (Isonychia bicolor).  Lots of midge larva (Chironomids) and scuds (Gammarus sp.) Of course,  the big late season hatch is Ephron leukon, or the White Fly.  Want to know what the nymphs look like.  Well try this emerging nymph that I captured on a slide and tie something similar.

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