Get This Collection of Gun Manuals, Survival Books, Military Manuals, Courses, CIA Documents and a also a Free Reading Collection for Pennies.

 Protect Yourself and Your Family In Case of An Emergency That We Wouldn't Want To Talk About?

I have put together two DVDs (approximately 14 CDs) of Gun Manuals, Survival Books, Military Manuals, Courses, Martial Arts Books, CIA Methods, and even some free reading material (best novels of the world) that will help you in many situations in emergencies and protecting yourself and family.

There are over 1000 Gun Manuals (original manuals and instructions) for just about every gun from an AK- 47 to standard revolvers, 22's, hunting rifles and shot guns. Most places charge $5 to $20 each for individual copy of these manuals plus shipping!

I have over 1000 military manuals and books, survival guides, and related training and courses.  Contrary to the idea that you can find these free on line...think again. The US Military sites that once had these manuals have shut them down because they felt terrorists would get these manuals. Even though they were supposed to be available to public because they were paid for by tax payer funds they have been removed. These include the sniper training manuals and all combat and intelligence guides including explosives and demolition. These books are excellent if you just want to read them but the knowledge they offer may help you in an emergency situation and serve an even greater purpose. There are also a lot of emergency manuals for you in your family.

There are courses in these books from electronics to radio (and most are still relevant and may come in handy if GPS goes down which is a real possibility). The bandage and first aid course books are still the best available in any form! The use of the compass is vital because GPS cannot be relied on and these books are some of the best, and they will teach you very quickly the best methods of topography and orienteering.

There are courses on plant identification, snakes, parasitology, journalism, electronics, geology, weapons, explosives, and also the command center protocols which you should know in case of an emergency (many more than these). There are books on marksmanship, civil unrest, combat training, military arms, navigation, special operations, map reading, cold-weather survival, desert, jungle survival, encyclopedia of explosives, military intelligence, urban terrain operations, water purification, evasion, escape and more ( some like the nuclear manuals may be outdate but serve as interesting reading; most of the manuals are still relevant and the combat, sniper, and special operations are the best in the world).

I have also included many CIA documents, manuals and assorted papers which are relevant to how this country works (including The Patriot Act). I have included over 100 of some of the greatest works in literature for your reading material.

I've also put some martial arts books on these DVDs (and these are different from the military manuals). There is so much info on these DVDs that I believe it's one of the best libraries on the planet of general information about the country, military, intelligence agencies and it serves a number of purposes.

I am not trying to scare anyone but you should be prepared in case of an emergency or where this county is going or even a natural disaster. Just Remember what Happened During Katrina!!!!  These books explain how to purify water, food, life expectancy of food products, ballistic charts,---you name it --it's on these disks.

All of these books are in a PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader) and can be put on any of the tablets or reading pads that you may have or any computer.

Buy This and Get Some Piece of Mind and The Info and Knowledge You Need !

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This is an Introductory Offer and I will be Raising The Price and Charging for Shipping in the Future

I guarantee this Library is worth 10 times or more what you are paying for these books.

I am Going to Include Free Software including a PDF reader that's better and safer than Adobe plus 10 other free Software packages that you can use (sorry these software packages only run on Windows)! 

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