Pennsylvania Spring Creeks

Pennsylvania Spring Creeks were once the some of the best fly fishing streams in the world.  Today they still furnish great fly fishing but not in the quantity or quality of fish that they once did.  Furthermore, the hatches have diminished greatly on these streams over the last 30 years.  I should know because I have done the most research on these streams in that time period.

Climatic changes and weather patterns have also played havoc with the fishing and the hatches on these spring creeks.  Fishing pressure also can be a major factor because many of the fly anglers today may have better equipment but less experience. The time of year also is indicative of a success factor because of the extremely hot summers fishing is almost unbearable on these spring creeks because most of the streams are open and lack much shade.

Elsewhere on this site are detailed reports on the condition of each stream.  Below I'm am listing further information for the fly angler.

Limestone Spring Creeks Notes

  • Yellow Breeches:  Heavily fished as any stream in America.  I like fall and winter as the best time of year, especially on warmer winter days.  Fewer angler (sometimes) and peacefulness is in the air.  Not as pretty as summer but for my money more fun.
  • Big Spring: Is in the best shape.  I like it all year long.  It will fish great in the fall and winter with many midge and Baetis hatches (Blue Winged Olives).  This is the stream where the fly angler has the greatest chance of catching a large fish including a large wild brookie any time of the year.
  • Letort Spring Run:  Spring and fall are the times I consider the best.  If you get a few hoppers on the water in the fall it will make your day.  I also like the spring because the fish seem less wary compared to the summer.
  • Green Spring: I like it in the spring.  Also once in a while in the winter.  Fish a big streamer when no one else is there and you might get surprised.
  • Falling Spring:  At one time my favorite stream but this is no longer so.  I really don't have a favorite time because the hatches have diminished so much.  Try the early spring and once a while in the winter.  It disturbs me the overall decline of this stream

Fishing is what you make of it.  As Ted Trueblood once said, " The worst day of fishing is better than the finest day of work."  So whenever you can get out on these limestone spring creeks do it.  If you know what you are doing you will be successful.


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Late August to Late September

Limestoner Stream Reports: Pod Casts

Big Spring Creek

Falling Spring Run


Yellow Breeches Creek   


Letort Spring Run

Green Spring